Solomon Tayo Onadein – President

SOLOMON TAYO ONADEIN is a seasoned Textile Design and senior level management executive, well known and admired in the Decorative Jacquard Textiles and Furniture business in the US and Hangzhou, China for his design skills and product offerings. Mr. Onadein has over 35 years of experience in Jacquard Design and merchandising, working for all the major Textile companies in the US and has an extensive knowledge of product development in China, he has also owned several Garment manufacturing factories in Lagos, Nigeria.

Mr. Onadein has attained a thorough knowledge of Textile Design, product styling, Fashion and Garment manufacturing expertise and sales over the years. He is highly skilled in Decorative Jacquard Designs and Styling with vast knowledge in all levels of product development. His ability to work with people and customers has allowed him to grow to the top executive management level in Burlington House Fabrics, Culp Inc. and JLA Fabrics and other Leading Textile manufacturing companies in US.

His Opulent Textiles have graced High-End Furnitures sold at Harrod’s in Knightsbridge, London, Fabric Retail stores at Warwick in Australia, Baker Furniture, Rooms To Go, Jordan’s, Henredon, Century Furniture and many Furniture stores in Saudi Arabia and EU countries over the years.

  • Chairman/CEO. Reddi2wear Nigeria Ltd, Design Structure Nigeria Limited 2004-Present: Principal owner of a Leading Garment manufacturing company in Lagos, Nigeria, where we Design, manufacture and print top quality Promotional garments for the corporate market, stylish casual sports-wears, style and manufacture Decorative Throw Pillows for export to the US.
  • Jacquard Design Consultancy Group. L.L.C, North Carolina, USA. 2016-Till Present– Owner of Jacquard and Textiles consultancy company specializing in Textile Designs, Weave, New fabric construction and product development for various Textile companies, Furniture companies in US, Turkey and China. He is also the owner of Tayo Originals Brand, the producer of Decorative Jacquard woven Textiles for the Largest furniture companies in US.
  • Hometex/GTA, 2008-2014–Principal Partner/Jacquard Stylist, and Product Development of Decorative Fabrics for the Leading Furniture manufacturing companies in US, Canada Australia and UK
  • JLA Home Fabrics (2005-2009) – Vice president of Design and Styling and a founding partner of JLA Fabrics, a start-up North Carolina based company. Mr. Onadein helped establish the Jacquard business in 2005 and managing the entire Design Staff of over 100 designers in North Carolina office and China manufacturing facilities. Mr. Onadein was responsible for developing and production of the new jacquard collections that helped make the company a very successful Jacquard fabric converter and importer of Residential fabrics that the company is today.
  • Burlington Industries, NC. (2000-2004) – Divisional Vice President of Design and Styling for the largest Textile company in world in the 80’s with over 100,000 and over 120 Large manufacturing plants worldwide. Tayo was responsible for managing over 20 Designers and over 1000 support staff for the Burlington House Fabrics division of the company. Tayo Onadein was instrumental in developing a wide array of new collection of fine jacquard fabrics that put Burlington fabrics back into Jacquard fabric business.
  • Culp Inc., Burlington, NC. (1997-2000) – Vice President of Design and Styling for Rossville /Chromatex, a division of Culp, developed a collection of popular fabrics that revitalized the Chromatex jacquard business after years of revenue decline, due to lack of interest in the company product offerings. The products he developed allowed the company to grow from a $28,000,000 company to a $42,000,000 and profitable business several years later. Due to this success, Mr. Onadein, was promoted to rank of corporate V.P of Design to lead the entire Culp’s Textures design efforts.
  • Quaker Fabric, Inc. Fall River, MA (1993-1997) – Onadein started with Quaker Fabric Inc. a leading Jacquard Fabric manufacturer in the US as a senior stylist in 1993 and grew to the master stylist position by 1995. He was instrumental in developing ultra-High-End decorative and stylish Jacquard fabric product line called Whitaker collection that fueled the company’s growth from a $140,000,000 dollar company to $185,000,000 in a span of three years.
  • Craftex Mills. Philadelphia, PA. (1988-1993) Senior Jacquard Designer, responsible for designing expensive and Decorative woven Textiles for High-End Furniture Manufacturers, Jobbers and Decorators.
  • Orinoka Mill, York, P.A (1988-1989)- Jacquard analyst, Sketch Artist and weave technician.
  • Petit Bateau- PA.1986-1988- Fashion illustrator and Flat Spec. Designer for a children’s wear manufacturing company.
  • Philadelphia College of Textiles, Philadelphia. PA. – received B.S. Textile Design and Science in 1985. Specializing in Jacquard Designs, Warp and Weft Knits, Surface Designs, Weave Technology and development, Textile Dyeing and Printing, Yarn Processes and manufacturing and all types of Textiles manufacturing processes.
  • Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria, Graduated in 1977- Diploma in fashion Design, Pattern Drafting, Clothing construction, processes and manufacturing, Textile Design and Printing etc.
  • Solomon Tayo Onadein, have been invited on numerous occasions to give speeches on Textile Design and product development in Textile colleges in the US and by the Chinese Textile council, organized by the Chinese govt.