The Nigeria fashion industry of today has not been adequately defined, and recognized those who are professionals. Nevertheless, there is the needs for professionals in the field of fashion to be identify and come together towards developing  of the fashion industries, fashion education and industries , contributing to the Nigeria  economy valued . Joining APFPN is joining the association of fashion,textile,  jewelry, and accessory designers and the allied art practice. To be Member of the APFPN is to belong to an exclusive group of Nigerian’s foremost professional fashion practitioners.

Emmanuel Olamide Balogun initiated the founding of APFPN as an advocacy group with founding members : Fred Eboka (Chairman of Trustees Council), Prince Akoni Oyefusi, Sola Babatund, Taire Idomi, Matthew Ajayi, Nkechi Njoku- Fasuyi , and others who gave their support in kind and cash to get the association(APFPN) registered: Titilayo Ogunlesi, Osinach , Tony Jones Ogbechi, Tayo Onadehin , Lemon Barickpe, Dipo Ibraimo, Ify Ibraimo, Amaka Nwosu ,Tayo Popoola, Comfort Mado-Alabi, Ejiro Emos Tafari, Adeola A Ikole , A Awe , and Tutu Abba Karim.

Although, we are faced with short and long term challenges, which includes the needs to identify and recognize the professuinal in both in the industry and education setting, the needs to professionals in the business of fashion, the need to fill skills gap in fashion ,and to address the issues of global competition and sustainability as initiated by the UN SDPG’s. The key to tackling many of these is transparency, trust and commitments by all members to the course of the association; working together in a united fashion across the whole industry, joining hands with skills development and collaborating with the industry’s experts/educational sectors , alongside Government and other stakeholders in Nigeria..

Our aim is to regcognise, promote and establish professional fashion practitioners in fashion, jewelry, and accessory designers. We have our mind set on how to take advantage of our cultural and economic asset, as has been expected in other developed countries of the world such as Great Britain, Europe, France , USA and some Asians Countries for many years.

The need to unite persons performing professional services in the fashion , jewelry, and accessory designers. and its allied arts; champion the coming together as an advocacy group of professional fashion practitioners  in collection, collation and dissemination of information relating to all aspects of fashion Design , best garment production practices and fashion allied arts, to meet international standards; and innovate a regulatory body for professional fashion design practitioners and firms in Nigeria;