Registration Form

  • Procedure for Registration
    (1) The procedure for registration with the APFPN's overning Council shall be-
    (a) a return of application forms duly completed with attachment (if any) to the registration committee online; (b) photocopies of the following, that is-
    (i) HND, B.Sc./BA Fashion Design, M.Sc. Fashion or allied fashion arts, Design certificate or their equivalent;
    (ii) Advance Level certificate or its equivalent, in (if any); FASHION, OR FASHION-RELATED FIELDS: APPARREL & ACCESSORIE DESIGN, STYLING, PHOTOGRAPHY, PRODUCTION, MODELING, BLOGGING,PR .E.T.C.: Fashion Design
    (iii) National Youth Service Corps discharge certificate;
    (iv) A refrence letter from a professional fashion practitioner
    (v) Evidence of having passed the Association's Professional Practice Competence Interview or Investigations;(those who do not have degree in fashion or fashion allied arts).
    (vi) Evidence of full membership and registration by the Association, if application is for full registration;
    (vii) Evidence of having passed the Establishment's Final examinations (where the school attended is not accredited or recognized by the government agencies in Nigeria);
    (viii) Evidence of change of name (if applicable).
    (2) Photocopies of certificates attached to an application shall be endorsed by a member of the APFPN as follows- (See page to continue)