About Us

Who We Are

The Umbrella Association of the Fashion Experts

APFPN is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of the fashion design industry in Nigeria through the four strategic pillars : education, dissemination of information, advocacy and fashion community engagement, with members drawn from across the professional in fashion-related fields: apparel & accessories design, styling, photography, production, modeling, blogging, fashion journalist , fashion PR.  and textile industry.

We are Association of professionals in the fashion, jewelry, accessory design, textiles, clothing, Cosmetics/Beauty, Accessories , Luggage & Bags , Hair , Jewellery & Watches and footwear manufacturing. These are the facets we cover in the Nigeria fashion industry. We view ‘fashion’ as encompassing the entire spectrum of the value chain. Our agency covers careers in:

  • Fashion Design
  • Psychology of Fashion
  • Fashion Journalism
  • Fashion Management
  • Fashion Jewelers
  • Fashion Technology
  • Menswear and Women’s wear
  • Fashion Photography
  • Fashion Sportswear
  • Fashion Public Relation &Communications
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Fashion Styling and Production
  • Fashion Textile: embroidery
  • Knit and Print
  • Fashion Visual Merchandising and Branding
  • Hair and Make-up for Fashion

Mission Statement

Our aim is to recognize, promote and establish professional fashion practitioners in fashion, jewelry, and accessory designers. We have our mind set on how to take advantage of our cultural and economic asset, set standards and elevate the very viable industry.


To propagate the Nigerian fashion industry to one of the topmost in Africa. To make the Nigerian Fashion industry become a global respected, admired and renowned force in the world.


What We Aim To Attain

The aims and objectives of the association are:

  1. To further the discipline and profession of Fashion through thought leadership in education, research, and service.
  2. To advance the profession of fashion through education, information, dissemination of ideas, fashion community engagement and advocacy;
  3. To advance and disseminate information that supports and guide all members on Fashion and Allied Arts practices, fashion manufacturing techniques and technological skill in Fashion /production processes;
  4. To provide support and guidance for fellow fashion practitioners who are members at every stage of their career in Fashion and the allied arts from the learning to earning stage of fashion career;
  5. To promote all aspects of fashion, allied arts changes in society, culture and tradition that affect fashion and allied arts, the ability to enhance creative leadership skills and mentorship
  6. To provide an opportunity for every Nigeria Citizens both home and abroad, that are fashion practitioners , bringing their knowledge , skills and experience to develop the fashion, also their skills and their creativity to boost the fashion industries economy in Nigeria.
  7. To partner with internationally recognized fashion organizations such as the World Fashion Organisation (WFO), Fashion Group International(New York) , British Fashion Council (London, UK) Arab Fashion Council (London and United Arab Emirates), Dutch Fashion Foundation, Association National Pour Le Developpment Des Arts de la mode ‘ANDEM’ (Paris) and amongst others in promoting the world of Fashion design both in Nigeria and internationally
  8. To strengthen the social, economic and cultural role of Nigerian Fashion on a national and international level.
  9. To promote Nigerian Fashion internationally, disseminate fashion culture in Africa and other continents and position the African world on the international map of Fashion.
  10. To enter into any arrangement with the Central, Provincial or Local Governments or authorities that may seem conducive to the objects of the Association or any one of them and to obtain from any such Government or authority any rights, privileges and concessions and specially to endeavor to secure implementation from the Government of the guaranteed privileges in respect of :
  • Proper consideration of their views on important issues reflecting optimum views or opinions held by trade
  • Consultation on matters affecting trade
  • Free supply of publications such as official notifications, press communiqués and circulars of commercial interest regularly and promptly both by Central and Provincial Governments
  • Authority to issue certificates of origin, measurement,withment accordance with requirements of the trade, and to comply with any such arrangements, right privileges and concessions, and to nominate delegates, representatives and advisers etc., to represent the Association on such Government and Public Bodies.